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I bought this software cos my itunes library is too big for my internal hard drive, and want to move it to an outside hard drive. That's what this software is for? Cant get any sense out of the software, doesnt seem to want to put anything to a new location claims to be spanning (whatever that means) and nothing happens. Help info tells absolutely nothing and the tutorial pictures are too small to see even on a big monitor

Can anyone just tell me in simple english how to move the library and set up for new music etc to go to the external drive. Alternatively,I'm either very thick or this software is rubbish

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Sorry just adding to the above frustrations... I cannot get an external drive to appear on the locations list even! It does show a previous drive but this is a ghost as I have removed old iTunes stuff from there because of earlier problems trying to use Apple's own guidance on moving a library....


Sorry TuneSpan is confusing you. From the sound of it, it may be that TuneSpan just isn't made to do exactly what you are thinking, but I believe it can still help you achieve what you want... freeing up space on your internal drive by moving media to an external drive.

The thing is, TuneSpan leaves your iTunes Library exactly as it is, it doesn't move the library and doesn't change the default iTunes Media folder, so new music will still be added to your internal drive.

But, with TuneSpan, you can select tracks to move to an external drive while leaving everything else as it is. iTunes will end up looking identical with all your play count, playlists, etc, etc. But, the selected files will have been copied to your set location, and track locations will have been updated in iTunes, and (if you choose, but it's the default setting) the original files will have been moved to the trash. You just need to empty the trash manually to reclaim the space on your drive.

As for the tutorial images, on you can click the images to view them large at the full window size, that should help be able to read them. If you read through all of those, I hope it helps you understand the basics of how to use the TuneSpan interface. If not, please let me know and I can explain further.

I plan on reworking those images, and I know my TuneSpan Help information is not laid out like it should be, but there is some good information in there. I know most of it is too cumbersome to get much out of just by skimming. But if you want more detailed information about the spanning process, its in there.

Also, I use the term "span" and "spanning" in TuneSpan as a brief way to say "copying files and updating location in iTunes". I also try to explain that in the introduction of the TuneSpan Help and in the description on the Mac App Store.


About the locations list, that list is just for locations that media already exists at, to add a new "span location" you must select it in the bottom center of the window where it says "click here or drop folder to select span location". I am working on a new version and I hope to make that area a little more defined and obvious for new users. But also, I hope you will understand that better after reading through each tutorial image.

Sorry TuneSpan isn't more intuitive for you. It's a continual work in progress, but I feel once you get the hang of it, I feel it does its job quite well... but, I'm biased :-)

Anyway, please don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions.

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