Does TuneSpan work on os x Version 10.7.5

Richard McGarry shared this question 6 years ago
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Does TuneSpan work on os x Version 10.7.5 with itunes 12

Thats what im using atm and my system is to old to upgrade so im stuck where i am.

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Sorry, the latest version of TuneSpan now only supports 10.8 and newer.

There is a much older version of TuneSpan beta available on for free, but it hasnt been updated in over a year now and is far behind the Mac App Store version. But, it should work, and it's free.

If you try to purchase TuneSpan on the Mac App Store it may let you download an older version (but newer than the beta) that supports 10.7, but I'm honestly not sure how the Mac App Store handles that exactly. 10.7 may not let you download older versions of apps though.