Directly add Files into "spanned" file list

Michael Bleistein shared this question 8 years ago

Is there a way to add files (hera a lot of movie mp4's on a NAS drive that are already in the "spanned" file location to the list of spanned files? This would bypass a lot of copy operations (multiple day's) to the NAS drive. and allow a later consolidation to the default itunes file location...

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Short answer: No... there is no way in TuneSpan to mark something as spanned that has not actually been spanned.

I have considered adding something like this in the past for advanced users as well as to make some testing processes easier. But I decided against it, I think it could be quite confusing to mess with.

But, you do not need the tracks to be spanned to be able to consolidate everything.

You cannot use Restore Mode like I believe you're imagining, but you can just select your default iTunes Media location as the Span Location. In TuneSpan, you could theoretically select ALL of the media in your library, set your default iTunes Media location as your Span Location and click Span. This would restore any tracks that originally came from there, skip any tracks that are already there and span any tracks that were never there. It's quite simple to consolidate your library through TuneSpan. And TuneSpan will still clean up all the original files and empty folders.

Please let me know if that makes sense or if that sounds like it would not work for you for any reason.


- Pico

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