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Glei Wer shared this question 8 years ago

Hi, i got a customized file structure for my library not based on labels, it's structured with the label of the record and then, artist and album. The thing is can i span my library and keep the same file structure?

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Thanks for getting in touch! This is an interesting idea.

The straightforward answer would sadly be "no."

But, there's also a possible "yes" :-)

It would involve you doing a decent amount of work in iTunes though.

So, in TuneSpan you can only use Media Type, Genre, Composer, Grouping, Artist, Album, Show, Season, and Track Name in the custom file organization...

My thought is that you could add the record label to your tracks metadata in one of these fields that you don't use otherwise, such as maybe Grouping or Composer.

That way, TuneSpan would have access to the dynamic data your wanting to be in your file organization, and it would also be a good way to not have to do this work manually in the Finder as I imagine you've been doing so far.

That's pretty much the only was I can imagine achieving this in TuneSpan at this point. The info you want to use in the folder organization has got to be communicated to TuneSpan from iTunes somehow, and in one of these metadata fields is really the only way.

Hope that helps!



I have the same problem. iTunes stores the file location for each file, when using the Media Locations transfer, it should be easy for the program to use the original file structure. When using tags, the inconsistancy of any MP3 tag would lead to chaos in the resulting structure, also it does not work for wav-files. In a huge music library like mine, which i also use with other programs, there are too many risks and problems with the tag restructuring.

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