Cover refresh after not existing HDD

Christian shared this question 7 years ago

I have movies saved to an external hard drive with tunespan.

the HDDs were for a couple days not connected to the Mac.

now they are reconnected but the cover of the movies are not displayed in iTunes. only when I play a movie appears the cover back into the grid view of iTunes.

how do I update them all at once

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I have found that the TuneSpan itself could want.

TuneSpan Ribbon / Tools / Refresh Album Artwork

I have run it twice. but the cover will still does not appear in iTunes: o (

what else can I do? empty any caches that?

thank you


I have heard some reports that the Refresh Album Artwork tool in TuneSpan may be having issues with the newer versions of iTunes, but have also heard that it works properly with the latest version.

Are you running the process when all your movies are available and playable in iTunes?


I have iTunes

yes when I run the TuneSpan function are all films available

The artworks are back in itunes when I:

CMD + I and then ENTER but I would not like to do this for 1000 movies.

I have deleted before the function in TuneSpan the "iTunes / Ablum Artworks / Cache" deleted. Can it be related to this?

Would make a move using TuneSpan on another disk something?


The TuneSpan Album Artwork cache is not related to this at all. That is just TuneSpan own cache for artwork only displayed within TuneSpan.

Are things working any differently for you on iTunes 12.5?


I know it's been so long, but I wanted to post back about this to let you know that the Refresh Album Artwork tool in TuneSpan 1.4 should be able to properly bring the artwork back in iTunes again.

You can see the update on the Mac App Store:


Hi there,

Just came to notice that in version 1.4.1 I have now twice tried a refresh of album artwork in the latest itunes on (latest) mojave, but to no avail...

One of my three external hdd drives was disconnected temporarily and artwork from files on that hdd are not available nor won’t they refresh.

Anyone else experiencing issues with refresh?



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