Could you make SizeWell open source?

Yehudi Yrushlme shared this idea 6 years ago

I've notice SizeWell hasn't been actively updated in a while & was wondering if you'd be willing to open source it. The reason I ask is because Lion and onwards already have features implemented by SizeWell integrated in the OS & Legacy users (like me) might get more use out of it.

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Thanks for getting in touch.

I appreciate your interest in SizeWell, but I'm sorry to say that open sourcing SizeWell is not something that I am going to do.


Understandable, but if you ever discontinue (stop distributing it entirely) SizeWell please consider giving it to the open source community. Although there are other window managers out there for Mac, none are as advanced, simple or versatile as SizeWell. It would be a shame for something this great to just vanish forever.

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