Copy Mac music on external to Laptop external drive

Mark O Neill shared this question 11 years ago

Can I copy music to external drive to play on my PC from Mac

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If you use TuneSpan to move some iTunes media to an external drive from your Mac, from that point you could possibly plug in that external drive to your PC to access those files.

But, there will be no syncing with the iTunes Library on the PC, there would be no TuneSpan on the PC. If you make any changes to those files from the Mac, the PC won't know, and if you change the files on the PC, the Mac won't know.

Also, the format of the drive would be an issue, if the drive is formatted for Mac OS, it won't be easily accessible on the PC. If it's formatted for PC, it could be readable and writable from both the Mac and PC, but only if you use the older FAT32 format, which has downfalls. The newer windows NTFS formatting is not natively writable on the Mac.

Anyway, it would not be a clean solution, there could be issues and the format of the drive is something to consider. To reformat a drive, it must be entirely erased, so that could be a problem if you have to temporary place to put that stuff.

Honestly, if you want to play music from your Mac on your PC, I would just use something like Home Sharing in iTunes. Get iTunes Sharing setup on your Mac, and then you can have an empty iTunes on the PC that you just use to access the shared Mac library. But, I don't know if that's what you're looking for.

Hope that info helps, let me know if you have any other question.

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