Copy integrity checks?

chad shared this question 7 years ago

Does tunespan do some sort of CRC comparison to ensure all copies are 100% correct and successful before deleting source files? If not... could this become a feature ASAP?

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TuneSpan is very safe when trashing original files. But it's more simple than a CRC check this point.

TuneSpan checks that the original and copied files sizes match exactly, and that iTunes knows the new location before trashing the original files.

But also, TuneSpan uses the standard Cocoa copy method which reports its own success or failure and should be trustworthy.

On top of that, TuneSpan only moves original files to the trash, leaving it up to the user to delete the original files permanently.

I trust TuneSpans copy and verification methods, and have not had reports of bad copies. The only time I've come close to seeing a bad copy is when working with a external drive that was failing.

But of course, having your own backups is always recommended.

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