Confused on what TuneSpan is doing/has done to my media

Patrick Slota shared this question 8 years ago

I have a WD MYBOOKLIVE attached to an Apple Airport Extreme router that is set up to be a media server to 2 TVs using Apple TV, a SONOS audio system for music, and a single repository for all media that can be shared with all household members....the only physical hookup is the HDD to Router...all other devices are used on a wireless network. I bought the drive about 18 months ago. I originally was using a Dell XP based computer to RIP over 150 DVD's which after ripping were placed on the WD under WD MyBookLive->Public->Movies; also, movies purchased from itunes store were placed here. I also moved all my music to the WD MyBookLive->Public->Music. Plus 5 movies I bought from itunes were placed in TV Shows folder in itunes and subsequently into same named folder under Public on WD. I deleted all the files on the Dell PC and used advanced to point itunes on the PC to the external drive. When I launched Apple TV my media was under Computers->Music or Movies or TV Shows and worked great.

Recently I bought my son a new MacBookPro for college so I took over his 2006 iMac White and started using it as my main system. I upgraded the memory to 4Gb and installed Lion, the last version OS that this iMac can run. My goal here was to be able to have an all Apple household as we have iPhones, iPads, mini iPads, MacBookPro and Sonos. After getting the iMac on current OS, itunes updated, all devices IOS current and the WD firmware updated I began a process of creating a single music repository on the WD by using home-sharing to export file from my wife's PC, sons MacBook, etc. I also saw where as they created playlists they had only selected specific songs from a CD that was copied but the remainder of the CD was not so I copied the CD into itunes to have all the songs available and the GD backed up. These recent copied CD's were copied onto iMac iTunes. Being new to OS I wasn't sure how to get this music on to WD so I bought TuneSpan to assist.

Now I am not sure of what I am doing nor if things are correct on the WD. Example, after using TuneSpan to Span all music files to WD I have some albums located under Public, but others located under Public->Music. I have tried to Span those songs under Public to Public->Music but TuneSpan says that they already exist under Public and cannot Span them. Also, only 68 movies spanned, and 82 did not.

My question is, can I span all of these files to iMac again, then back to WD? And how should WD be labeled? Instead of Public->something should there be an itunes folder which there is not now?

Hopefully I am clear on issue...if not let me know.

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Alright, so I think I understand what's going on.

First off, if your span location was in "Public", TuneSpan would move any and all media into the associated media type folders. ie. Music, Movies, TV Shows. TuneSpan should not have spanned any albums directly into the Public folder. Are you sure that was done by TuneSpan?

But, the folder organization TuneSpan uses is customizable in the Advanced TuneSpan Preference, did you tweak any of that?

Is anyone else in the house fiddling with this stuff or adding content from other sources?

If you want, you can restore everything (there is a span/restore mode toggle on the bottom left of the TuneSpan window). But first, I would make sure you know that the albums in Public got there from TuneSpan. You can use TuneSpan's location browser to see where everything is in your iTunes Library. You can Get Info on the track listings to see if and when they were spanned.

Please let me know what you find on that. If you would like to send me some screenshots, that could make things more clear.

About the 82 movies that didn't span... do you remember the issue that was stated in the Span Results? Was it a copy error, or did TuneSpan say that the location couldn't be updated in iTunes?

Thanks so much for using TuneSpan!

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