Conflict with Photoshop CS5 "Save for Web" on OS X 10.6.7

peterjmag shared this problem 11 years ago

I recently started running into trouble with the "Save for Web" plugin in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Every time I selected Save for Web from the File menu, I received an error stating simply: "The operation could not be completed." After resetting my Adobe preference files, repairing permissions, and even completely reinstalling the Creative Suite to no avail, I finally came across this Adobe forum post, buried in a thread about Windows-related issues:

I followed the post's advice to uninstall SizeWell and SIMBL, and lo and behold, the "Save for Web" functionality started working again.

It may be worth noting that I was also unable to save PNGs from the "Save As..." menu, ostensibly because it's tied to the Save for Web plugin. This also started working again after the SizeWell/SIMBL uninstall.

I'm not sure if this issue is even fixable, but hopefully this post will pop up for other Googlers trying to solve the same thing.

More details:

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Tried with both 12.0 and 12.0.4 (most recent update)

SizeWell 0.8.1 beta

SIMBL 0.9.9


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I am really so sorry for this trouble.

Very recently I got emailed about another issue with Photoshop and some of the filter windows. The user was able to avoid the issue by adding Photoshop to SizeWell's Blacklist in the SizeWell System Preference pane.

The error they were getting was this same "The operation could not be completed." so I am hoping your issue may be avoided by simply adding Photoshop to the blacklist rather than needing to completely remove it.

This is definitely a serious issue and something that I want to look into and fix. The problem is just that I am not a Photoshop user. Currently I am traveling so it may take me some time to get access to Photoshop in an environment that I can do some testing with SizeWell.

Please let me know if simply adding Photoshop to SizeWell's blacklist avoids this issue for you. But still I will definitely be including a fix for this in the next release of SizeWell.


Ah, I didn't even think to check for a blacklist. I've reinstalled SizeWell and added Photoshop to the "Manage Blacklist" section of the SizeWell preferences pane, and everything works fine. Thanks for the solution Pico, and thanks especially for all your hard work on this excellent plugin!


I just released SizeWell 0.8.2 beta which solves this problem. You can get it through auto-updating in the SizeWell System Preferences Pane or at

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