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I recently sold my iMac that had a very large iTunes Library. I did a clean install on a new MacBook Air. I did not want to copy over the old iTunes Library as it was too large. I selectively added some songs and apps. I then purchased a new iMac and started to do the same there. The problem is with using the iPhone..iPad with multiple libraries. Nothing but problems. I purchased Tune Span to help and am wondering if I consolidate the libraries to an external HD and move the apps over somehow, will I then be able to access the iTunes library from either Mac and be able to sync the iPhone - iPad from either Mac?

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Thanks for getting in touch. But, I'm sorry to say that this isn't really what TuneSpan was designed to help with.

If you want to combine multiple iTunes Libraries that exist on one computer, then I would suggest giving PowerTunes a shot (

But, it doesn't sound like that's exactly what you're looking for either.

To me, it sounds like your best bet would be iTunes Match, from Apple and built in to iTunes.

I use it, and it's great for keeping everything in sync. I can have my full library locally on one computer (and/or use TuneSpan to have some on an external drive), and have another computer with some music locally, and some just available when streaming. It does the same to keep your mobile devices in sync.

TuneSpan is not going to really make it any easier to get what you're looking for. Trying to keep multiple libraries in sync, while getting files from a shared location is difficult and can quickly run into issues. When media is added to one library on one computer, the other library on the other computer is not aware of it, even if the files themselves are in the shared location.

So, I would look into iTunes Match if I were you.

It may take some work from where you are now, since it sounds like your libraries are somewhat fragmented as it is. But, in the end, I think it will be the most convenient approach, and will make adding or changing devices much simpler in the future.

Again, thanks for getting in touch, and thank you for your interest in TuneSpan. If it turns out you do not need TuneSpan at all, you can get in touch with Apple for a refund, but I cannot handle that stuff, it's all in Apples hands. But, I know they can give refunds.

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