Can't use symbolic link as span location

tinue shared this problem 10 years ago

The entry point into my music media location is a symbolic link (~/Remote/Musik). The link points to a network share which is auto-mounted through a script whenever it is accessed.

Unfortunately, I can't use the symbolic link as a span location: "The file 'Musik' couldn't be opened".

Is there a workaround, or can this be fixed?

Thanks! Martin

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Turns out that I just have to click away the error message, and it works as expected... So I have my workaround, but I suggest looking into this nevertheless: The error message is irritating.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. TuneSpan should be resolving all symbolic links, but maybe a symbolic link to a network location is causing some extra confusion.

I'm glad you can still use TuneSpan in the mean time, but I'll look into the issue and at the very least not show this unnecessary error.


I'm very pleased to say that TuneSpan 1.2 is now available on the Mac App Store which solves this issue, and adds many new features.

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