can't update TuneSpan 1.2.2 through Mac App Store

Jojo shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi everybody!

I can't update TuneSpan to v1.2.2 through the Mac App Store. Each time I try, there is an error message saying that an error occured and that I should try updating through the bought app panel, which doesn't works either...

Worst of all, I can't use the actual installation of TuneSpan, because on launch I get a message telling me TuneSpan can't be launched because it's being updated...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks for getting in touch, I'm so sorry you've run into an issue.

Sadly, this isn't actually an issue with TuneSpan, this part of the process is all handled by OS X and the App Store.

But, I would suggest deleting the partially installed TuneSpan application, and then restarting your computer, and then attempting to install TuneSpan fresh from the App Store rather than trying to update over and over again.

Please let me know how that goes.

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