Cannot span to NAS QNAP

Claudio Rostelato shared this problem 9 years ago

Cannot span to the drive on NAS QNAP TS 212. Message: "there is no more space". It is not true. First installation of Tunespan and I can't do anything yet.

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Thanks for getting in touch.

My first thought may be that there is a symbolic link setup in the path to your NAS QNAP... is that the case?

If there is a symbolic link, it may be that TuneSpan is not resolving the link. I have TuneSpan not trying to always resolve all symbolic links unless one is detected (for speed an efficiency), but there are situations where it may not be detected properly.

There is a hidden preference setting to that TuneSpan will always resolve all symbolic links that I can send you if you think that is the case.

If not, how much free space is listed on your NAS in the Finder? And how much free space is listed in TuneSpan to the right of the Span Location area?

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