Cannot email notes in NoteAway

Atta Ansah shared this problem 8 years ago

Just purchase your product. Cannot email my notes. Is there any solution out there ?



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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you yesterday.

From an email you sent as well, you say that NoteAway just beeps when you try to send an email. So, I'm assuming you're using the proper Mail task from the Sharing menu in the notes list? This menu item can also be performed with the "Command+Control+Option+E" shortcut.

If this action just beeps at you, that could be an indication that the mail service failed to perform properly.

Do you have setup as your email client? Or, what email client do you use? A specific app, of just a browser and a webmail?


Ah, I just noticed in the signature of your original email that you're using Unibox. This may be part of the issue.

If a 3rd-party app is properly setup as your default mail app, I think that the systems Sharing Service code that I'm using should trigger the app to respond accordingly.

But, even if this app is setup as your default mail app, Unibox may not have the proper code to respond to being initiated from the system Sharing Service, so this may be something that needs to be updated on their end.

I haven't actually done super extensive testing on app 3rd-party mail apps since most cost money and I just use the default Mail app myself. So, I'm not 100% sure what's going on here.

I have made a note for the next version of NoteAway to try falling back on the standard "mailto:" code if the Sharing Service fails to execute properly. Most any 3rd-party mail app should properly respond to "mailto:" stuff, just like if you have clicked an email link in the browser.


You can set your default mail application from with in the Mail app's General Preferences...

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