Can you create a playlist of items you want to span?

Walter shared this question 8 years ago

Can you create a playlist of items you want to span? And, then simply drag that playlist to the span window (once you are hooked up to the NAS)?

I've spanned something to a NAS and everything works fine. I'm not away from my home (and the NAS) and was wondering whether I could create a playlist in iTunes of items that I want to span when I get back to home (where I can see the NAS). But, I don't want to take the time to create such a playlist now if it won't save me time when I get home next week (where I can see the NAS once again).

Is this doable? (Forgot to "try it" the last time I was hooked up to the NAS and can't find any discussion as to whether it might work or not.)

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Pretty much everything in the TuneSpan interface is draggable and selectable for spanning.

So, when you create a playlist in iTunes, it will show up in TuneSpan.

Then, in the TuneSpan interface, you can select that playlist for spanning.

Creating a playlist of what you want spanned is definitely a nice and easy way to keep track of what's what in iTunes.

Thanks for using TuneSpan!

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