Can I span my iTunes library and then move the smaller one?

Scott shared this question 8 years ago

Hi - I'm getting a iMac with an SSD and and big internal HD. My goal is to have the itunes database main library on the SSD (only 120GB) and the balance (music, movies, etc) on the HD.

however, I cannot fit the total library currently on the SSD. Can I span the library in place on the HD, and then do the normal move to the SSD (by moving the entire iTunes folder like I would if i was migrating computers?) I worry that the Library will be pointing and looking for the files on the same drive as the library instead of realizing that the files are on the HD.


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I'll need to look into the logistics of this.

I believe it can work, but there may be some possible snags.

Thanks for getting in touch, I've been busy today but I'll get back to you tomorrow after I can do some testing.


thanks for looking into it. no hurry as the computer isn't ready for a few days. I'm assuming having the iTunes database (and assorted stuff) on the SSD would be faster - that is the driver behind this.


Hey again, so sorry I never got back to you on this. Life got busy and I never did get around to doing good testing on the best way to migrate your library like you want.

I'm so sorry about that, I hate to let things fall between the cracks like this.

I am out of town now, so I haven't had as much time to work on TuneSpan, just been trying to stay on top of new support questions and emails.

I don't want to give a deadline that I may not end up making, but I hope to find some time this week to figure out the best way for you to setup your library on the SSD.

But, have you figured anything out yourself since you posted this, or gotten it setup in a different way? It will be good to know what our starting point is.


Thanks for the follow up. I have the itunes library on the 2nd drive (the large one) and its working ok. So I guess the itunes app itself is on the SSD as that is the boot drive with the application folder. The SSD does not have anything on it. The 2nd HD is big and faster than my old (now broken HD), so the speed is pretty good, but i am always hoping for more.

So I'm still in the same spot as when I posted the original question - still looking for something better, but doing ok as is. Any help when you have time is great.


Hey Scott, I'm so sorry that I never got back to you on this. But, I have good news!

I have finally figured out a way to move your iTunes Library files while leaving your iTunes Media files in place while making sure that iTunes knows the locations of all the files that you left in place.

I recently learned of some iTunes behavior when changing the iTunes Media folder location that led to this clean solution, I wasn't aware of this behavior back when you asked this a few months ago.

Another user asked about this, and wrote detailed instructions in that post, here:

Those instructions cover the bases of moving your library files and leaving your media in place, but I think you may be looking for something a bit different with having some of your media files moved to the internal too. You could follow these instructions and then span stuff to the internal drive.

Either way, let me know where you're at after these months since we last talked, again, I'm sorry for the absurd delay, I try hard to not let this happen most of the time, but this slipped between the cracks and I forgot about it until this other user brought the issue up again.

So, please read through those instructions, and if you are looking for something slightly different, we can discuss the possibilities in this thread.

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