Can I put episode number in filename?

Jan-Peter Koopmann shared this idea 11 years ago


during automatic reorg I can access the Season for the folder name. I would love to have the Episode Number in the Filename as well (or better SxxEyy numbering in the filename as well). Maybe this is possible and I simply missed it...

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That's a really good idea!

I'll consider adding that as an option to the Advanced Folder Organization.

No guarantees though. I'll look into adding the options in a non-complex way, but so far, TuneSpan hasn't done much of any manipulation of file names.

If someone already has a custom SxxEyy prefix on a file or something, I wouldn't want TuneSpan to unnecessarily add its own prefix before it. It get tough to detect those kinds of prefixes on filenames though since there can be so many slight variations.

Anyway, I'll look into it! Thank you!


I would also like something like this as an add-on to "change filenames based on current track tags," and no only for episode numbers on TV shows--it would also be nice to be able to prepend track numbers to album tracks, for example. This could mirror the "customize folder organization" feature.

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