Can TuneSpan read spanned media that has been trashed from iTunes? (Without recovering it)

Nick C shared this question 6 years ago

I migrated a large portion of my data to an external drive.

I did this because I wanted to remove the volume of music in my iTunes. Therefore I deleted the tracks from my iTunes after I had migrated.

I had thought that TuneSpan could then read the migrated files (no longer in my iTunes) using it's interface. Is this not possible?

Response is much appreciated. Best regards, Nick

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Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry to say that what you're trying to do is not how TuneSpan was designed to work.

TuneSpan is made to be a counterpart to iTunes. It is not made to take over as your media manager.

TuneSpan is only aware of content that is in the iTunes Library since it gets the information by reading the iTunes Library XML file.

So, if you delete tracks from iTunes, they will go away in TuneSpan as well. TuneSpan will even assume that you mean to remove the media completely and offer to trash the files on your external drive. Of course, you should not let trash your files in this case.

This is just how TuneSpan is designed and I do not plan on changing that. But, I am sorry that I can't help with exactly what you were wanting to do in this case.

If you would like to add the media files back into iTunes, I can give you tips on how to do that without having the files copied back to your iTunes Media folder.


Hi Pico,

Thanks for the quick response. I am very happy with TuneSpan, and this functionality was more of a nice bonus.

You've made a great and intuitive product! Cheers.

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