Can multiple users access the same TuneSpans files on an external disk?

David shared this question 5 years ago

To save space on the internal hard disk, I want to move music to an external. Can two user accounts access the same iTunes music?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

It is technically possible, but this is not how TuneSpan was made to function.

If you want both users to load the same library through iTunes, you would need to make sure the iTunes Library files are in a location that both users can access which is something TuneSpan can't help you with if you need to move the library files.

If you want to make separate libraries that refer to the same media files, that also possible, but could get tricky if some files are added or moved from one library because the other library wouldn't be aware of the changes.

This is some territory where TuneSpan may be able to help you achieve what you want, but you would also need to be doing some manual work and not expect TuneSpan to just work seamlessly in this case.