Can I move the Spanned Media folder outside of TuneSpan?

batsonjay shared this question 6 years ago

I split my library, moving a portion of it onto an external drive. But (sadly) the drive onto which I put the Spanned Media folder is failing, so I need to move the Spanned Media folder ASAP. Due to the nature of the way it's failing, I may not be able to use TuneSpan to move things; I may need to simply bulk-move the top-level Spanned Media folder (and hierarchy, of course) to a new (external) drive using Finder.

Can TuneSpan be told about the new location? I didn't see a preference....

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Yea, for sure, if you need to save you media, just get it off the failing drive by any means necessary.

Once you have the Spanned Media folder on a functional drive, it's pretty easy to get iTunes and TuneSpan updated with the new location.

First, you'll need to select all the tracks to span that were on the old drive, this is pretty easy if you select the All media type in TuneSpan and then just drag the old drive from the Media Locations list into the Spanlist.

Then, set the Span Location to the copied Spanned Media folder on the new drive, and just span normally. TuneSpan will find the files in the Spanned Media folder and update all the locations in iTunes. It should go pretty quick since TuneSpan won't need to copy any files.

Please let me know how that goes, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you run into any issues.


Hi, Pico -

This took some trial & error, but finally worked.

The missing thing you forgot to say was which button I should select when the dialog came up after you start to Span. For reference by anybody who sees this afterwards, here are some key things to get right:

1) Don't have any devices connected when you're doing this. Or, if you do, turn OFF the checkbox that says "Automatically sync when iTunes starts." ;-)

2) Make sure the TARGET is what Pico says it should be: the "Spanned Media" folder in your new target drive. Do NOT make the parent / drive, or the Music folders the target.

3) When the dialog appears saying that the source can't be located, select the "Span Anyway" button. Do NOT select the "locate files" button.

Thanks for a great program, Pico!