Can I migrate the TuneSpan's internal database?

Noom shared this question 5 years ago

Since I've moved to a new Mac and all spanned songs are marked as unspanned.

I know that I can easily solve that issue by using 'Force span'. But I don't want it to reset the original location back to iTunes library, it kept all the songs on another external drive. So how can I try to use the old database to solve this problem? (I've used CrashPlan to backup my entire Mac so the database should be there I suppose)

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Thanks for getting go touch. I'm so sorry for my super late response. Things we a bit hectic with holiday times.

You can retrieve the old TuneSpan database and restore it to the new Mac. But, I realize that maybe too much time has passed and you've spanned new stuff since you sent this message. In that case, Force Spanning the old stuff would be the way to go since bringing over the old database wouldn't be aware of the new spans and you would have to Force Span those.

Anyway, the TuneSpan database is located at "~/Library/Containers/com.randomapplications.TuneSpan/Data/Library/Application Support/TuneSpan/"

("~" is your home folder and by default the Library folder within there is hidden by OS X)

And then in that folder you'll see a file called "TuneSpan Library [###].tsl" where "[###]" is the internal ID of your iTunes Library.

So, if it's still appropriate at this point, you can migrate that file over to the new computer.

Again, I'm so sorry about by late response, that's not something I am normally in the habit of letting happen.


Thank you so much for the reply. Fortunately I haven't span any new songs since then. I've replaced the database and it worked perfectly. Keep up the good work!


Hi - I followed this, but Tunespan still does not show a star in the Spanned column or a location in the Span Location column for tracks which were spanned using the old Mac, though it knows the tracks are spanned as it tells me so when I try to span them. Reveal In Finder also shows the files to be in the correct spanned location. Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks.


I'm not exactly sure without more information...

Did you make sure that TuneSpan was not running before you copied the files onto your new system? Are you positive they got copied into the exact correct path on the new system?

Also, it may help to restart your computer before relaunching TuneSpan after the library files have been migrated.

And, how was your iTunes Library migrated? If it was recreated on the new system, the iTunes Library may not have the same internal ID as the library on the old Mac, in which case migrating the old TuneSpan Library would not work seamlessly.


Hi Pico,

Thanks for your reply. Here's some more information.

- iTunes is on its own external SSD volume. It is the same volume without change on both the old and new Mac.

- Spanned files are on two additional external volumes. Also unchanged on both old and new Mac.

- No files ever resided on the Mac's internal volume so there was nothing to migrate from the old Mac to the new Mac other than the database.

- The new system has been restarted many times.

My process actually did not involve any "migration". I simply installed TuneSpan from the App Store on the new system and pointed it to the external volume which contains the main iTunes library. After finding that the span states were not recognized anymore in the column properties, I found this thread and retrieved the most recent database file from the old system and replaced the database file on the new system.

TuneSpan recogniizes the existence of all files in their correct locations.

- Command+L finds no missing files from the iTunes library

- All external volumes are represented in the volume tree in TuneSpan

Still I cannot get the stars and paths to show in the columns. Is it possible that because the primary internal volume on Mac which stores the application and support files has a different name on the new system than the old system that there is some problem in addressing?

One futher data point, though I haven't tested it with every track in library, but on a small sample of tracks, TuneSpan reports that the tracks are simultaneously already spanned and already restored when I try to perform those respective operations. Not sure if this is any clue or not.

Thanks again for your reply.


Well, at this point, I'm not sure why the library migration didn't work. But, I believe the simplest and best solution from here would be to Force Span the tracks.

You can read how to Force Span your tracks in my reply from this thread: