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Maybe I'm stupid but this doesn't seem too intuitive. I have a primary library on my macbook pro with all of my music. I have a secondary library on an external drive with all of my videos. tunespan sees the primary on the mbp, and sees the external drive. i've tried giving access to it but that doesn't seem to work. not sure what i'm doing wrong. at the end of the day i want to have two libraries and i want to be able to synch my iPad across both libraries. will tuenspan allow me to do that? what do i need to do to do that?/ regards.

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user error. I added all video back to my primary library and did away with the secondary library - giving me one very large library. I then used Tunespan to span the video to an external drive and viola it worked beautifully. I was able to free up my space, but can still synch my iPad across all drives.

Well done.

Regards, Scott


Thanks for updating here. Sorry I couldn't reply back to this thread in time :-)

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