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John Luis shared this question 9 years ago

Tunespan - When spanned files are moved to a NAS hardrive to save space on the internal hardrive, what are your recommendations for backingup the NAS hardrive?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

I would recommend using whatever normal backup solution you use for your internal drive. You should be able to backup external drives with Time Machine as long as that external drive isn't your backup drive.

But, there may be extra complications depending on your NAS and Time Machine setup, I can't give any specifics as I don't know exactly what you're working with.

Of course, other backup solutions could work as well.

Essentially, TuneSpan does not worry about backups. Dealing with keeping good backups of your external drives is left up to the user just as it was before using TuneSpan.


I didn't need to back up the NAS hard drive until I started moving data onto it. So I don't have a normal back up solution. And I don't see a good way to back up a NAS hard drive.

This lead to reason I purchased TuneSpan. My internal hard drive was getting full. It isn't easy to move the iTunes library to an external drive and now I found that backing up the NAS drive is yet another problem.

As far as I know, Time Machine doesn't backup up the data on NAS hard drives. So now that I used Timespan to move data from my internal hard drive to an external NAS, I am unprotected.

One approach is to drag and drop to copy the span destination to second hard drive. But I am concerned on how TuneSpan would react if my first hard drive fails and I want to use the backup drive that could be over a year old.

I was thinking that I could span one external hard drive to another and not move but copy the files. Thus having TuneSpan create a back-up. What do you think?


You may want to look into something like Carbon Copy Cloner.

I haven't used it for schedule backups before, but I have used it to make one-off clones of drives as a backup before clean installing, it's a very solid tool.

Also, if you did do a drag-and-drop copy as a backup, it wouldn't be hard to get TuneSpan (and iTunes) pointed to the files on the backup drive. If the file structure and files are identical, you can just set the span location to the span folder on the backup drive, select all the tracks that already have files in there, and click Span. TuneSpan would detect the files and just update locations in iTunes.


But also, what kind of NAS do you have?

I don't think it's uncommon for many NAS drive to have their own built in backup solutions available.

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