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Gordon Hess shared this question 8 years ago

My iTunes library is located on an external drive which is almost full. I would like to span any new media I add to this iTunes library to a different new external drive. Can Tunespan be setup such that any new media will automatically be spanned to this new drive ?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

TuneSpan cannot change iTunes behavior. So, TuneSpan can only move media files after they've been added to iTunes normally, and adding files to iTunes normally will put them into the default iTunes Media folder.

It sounds like you may just want to change the location of your default iTunes Media folder to the new external drive without moving everything that is already in iTunes. That should be pretty straightforward. You can change your iTunes Media folder location in the iTunes Advanced Preferences.

If you want some flexibility to move stuff around from the old external to the new external or vice-versa after it's been added to iTunes, that's where TuneSpan would come in handy.


Perhaps I didn't explain very well.

I have my iTunes library on an external drive. Call that Drive 1. This drive will be full soon.

Can I add another external drive (Drive 2), such that some of the iTunes library will be on Drive 1 and any new media that I add to iTunes will be on Drive 2. Can this be done automatically with tunespan ?


I'm sorry, maybe my explanation was confusing... I believe I understand your setup, and what you're going for. The short answer is "No." TuneSpan cannot do exactly what you're looking for. I believe my answer above is a solution that might work for you, but I'll try to be more clear.

If you want new media to go directly to a different external hard drive (Drive 2), the only way is to change your iTunes Media folder location to that external hard drive (Drive 2). You can do that in the iTunes Advanced Preferences without relocating existing media (on Drive 1). Your previous iTunes Media folder would still exist on the current external (Drive 1).

TuneSpan does have some basic automation features, but it can only automatically span media after it has been added to iTunes normally, meaning that stuff would get added to your iTunes Media (on Drive 1) folder first, and then TuneSpan could relocate it (to Drive 2). And, to initiate TuneSpan to perform the automatic span, you would have to launch it manually. It doesn't sound like that's exactly what you're looking for.

Does that make sense?

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