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Stephen Williams shared this problem 8 years ago

It seems that TuneSpan can't distighuish between music and applications in iTunes. When I choose music and filter for unspanned I get a huge list of application for my iPhone/iPad is there anyway to omit them from showing up at all?

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry about this.

This is because of changes to the iTunes Library XML file in iTunes 12.2. It took me much longer than I had hope to finish the update to correct this issue. So long in fact that my minor bug fix update turned into a more major update.

I'm very pleased to finally be able to say that TuneSpan 1.3 is complete and has been submitted to Apple for review. It will fix this display issue as well as add some nice new features.

I can never know for sure, but the update should be reviewed by Apple and available on the Mac App Store by the end of next week.


TuneSpan 1.3 is now available on the Mac App Store

TuneSpan 1.3 will no longer show these files (such as Mobile Apps) that can't be spanned :-)

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