Application needed to automatially clean up windows in Mac OSX

Glenn Edward Roy shared this question 8 years ago

Hello Mac windows guru...

I'm running Snow Leopard so I can keep PPC compatibility.

I know that the newer Lion and newest Mountain Lion have spmewhat better windows adjustability features.

What I'd really like is a program that automatically resizes each window so that the full file name is visible along with the file size and file type -- with no extra real estate taken up by that window.

This would be ideal for organizing the content of any drive rather than tediously going through each folder and manually adjusting the content to display all the pertinent information.

Does such a Mac OSX program exist... and if not, why not?

Please contact me if I can assist with financing such an app.

My contact particulars follow:

Dr. Glenn Edward Roy

(760) 792-8528 mobile


Thanks for your attention to this request for writing an app that solves a long-standing troublesome problem with the Macintosh operating system environment.




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Thank you for getting in touch and for your interest.

I'm not aware of an app that can do this kind of layout for you, but it sounds like it may be something some kind of AppleScript could handle, but I'm not sure.

The issue with this is that it is very specific and doesn't just affect the size of a window. I believe you are talking about having list columns automatically sized as well, that becomes more complex to automate.

But there are some tricks you may not know about... if you double click the end of a table column in the header (where you would grab to resize the column), it is supposed to auto-size to fit the contents of all of the items in the list. You would have to double click each column that you have visible, but then each column should take just enough space to show everything. At least that is the intended behavior. And then, after that, in the Finder, the default behavior of the green zoom button will size the window to fit the contents. With each column sized properly, the zoom button should size the window to be just right.

That is about all the advice I can offer, I am not sure if something automates this, and I am not personally interested in attempting to create such a tool. But, I appreciate you getting in touch about it.

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