App closing... When opened as a second time it works.

Marcello Tolentino shared this problem 9 years ago

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Sorry you've run into an issue.

But, I need a bit more info to understand exactly what's going on.

First off, are you saying that TuneSpan is crashing while spanning? And then when you relaunch it, it goes into Crash Recovery Mode and finishes the span successfully?

Or, is it something else?


I just encountered the same issue. Here is what happened to me:

1) I had changed my iTunes library to a different location and iTunes had re-imported / organized my iTunes folder so all or most of my music and everything else iTunes handles was back in the new iTunes folder.

2) I just opened iTuneSpan and it was in the process of scanning for media and refreshing the iTunes library info and apparently had a stroke, and crashed.

Nothing damaged in terms of my media folders, that I can see, but apparently changing the iTunes library location caused some hiccups.

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