allow control-click to present the contextual menu for SizeWell zoom options

Graham Perrin shared this idea 11 years ago

Where standard zoom behaviour is preferred and right-click is possible:

• right-click presents the contextual menu.

Where standard zoom behaviour is preferred and right-click is **not** possible — or for users who prefer/require the traditional control-click for contextual menus — the conflicting setting can be deselected in the zooming tab of the SizeWell preference pane. However:

• control-click does not present the contextual menu.

Allowing control-click to be equivalent to right-click will add polish to the software.

(Maybe something in Apple HIG re: control-click, I haven't checked recently.)


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I definitely noticed this inconsistency when I implemented the right-click to open SizeWell Zoom options menu. But, I wasn't quite sure how to deal with the issue since I had already used control-click as a modifier for the maximize left half (or whatever it is set to).

But, thinking about it again, if the user has deselected whatever maximize option was set to use the control modifier, then you are correct, control-click should and could open the Zoom Options menu.

The logic of how I am overriding the zoom button for all of the different situations is getting quite overloaded and confusing not so much in the code, but more in the intuitiveness of how it is all interconnected. I know this can work, but it will be hard to explain to the users concisely.

Anyway, I will make this work if whatever maximize option which is set to control is deselected, but it may end up being more of an easter egg type feature for whoever really wants it and figures it out by tinkering or asks about it.

You can see it gets a bit more confusing if "Maximize window to left half of screen instead of doing standard zoom behavior" is set... then the option that was "Hold control to maximize left half" becomes "Hold control to do standard zoom" and become be selected and disabled (even if the previous option was deselected [but it will go back to whatever state it was before if the zoom behavior override changes]) to ensure there is always a way to access the standard zoom behavior. Maybe that is a decision I will have to reconsider. Again, confusing to explain, but it felt like the natural behavior to code at the time.

Thank you for your continued and thoughtful suggestions!


I just released SizeWell 0.8.2 beta which implements this idea.

But, for control-click to open the SizeWell Zoom Options menu, there need to be no other feature that is using control when clicking the zoom button. So if the feature that is set to use control in the zooming section of the SizeWell System Preference Pane is disabled and not set to the standard zoom, the SizeWell Zoom Options menu will open on control-click.

Thanks so much for getting in touch and posting your ideas!

You can get it through auto-updating in the SizeWell System Preferences Pane or at

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