After spanning all movies, do new movies get spanned automatically?

Frank J shared this question 5 years ago
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I have spanned all of my iTunes movies to an external drive. Do movies that have been added after the span operation get moved to the external drive also? Or do I have to repeat the span operation?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

New media does not automatically get spanned by default. But, you can setup automatic spanning in TuneSpan.

To setup auto spanning, click the S shaped script icon next to the Span button or select "Automation…" from the File menu.

It should be pretty straight forward to setup auto spanning all Movies once your in the Automation Configuration sheet.

Once the automation is setup, then all you'll need to do is launch TuneSpan periodically after you've added new media to iTunes. When launched, TuneSpan will check your library and prompt you if new media can be spanned based on the Automation Configuration but TuneSpan won't check for new media automatically or launch itself.

Please let me know if you have any issue or anymore questions.

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