After Migration, all Movie Art is gone.

Don shared this question 6 years ago

I moved to a new iMac and used the Time Machine to migrate. My iTunes is giving me at times errors on trying to find the spanned media, other times working fine. Initially all the Movie art work went across but now it all disappeared. Only way to get it back is to right click to get info, then it appears. I tried the force span you recommended below. How can I fix this?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

To bring back the artwork, you can use the "Refresh Album Artwork" tool in TuneSpan which you can get to in the File > Tools for iTunes menu.

You can run that tool whenever you need to bring the artwork back in iTunes and you can also set it up to run automatically when TuneSpan launches in the Automation Configuration.

And, to make sure that TuneSpan and iTunes know the correct location of your files, you can select the missing tracks to span in TuneSpan just as you did originally, and set the same Span Location and then just re-span them.

If any locations are wrong, TuneSpan will find the files where they're supposed to be on the external and update the locations in iTunes.

Please let me know how that goes or if you run into any issues.