Abends on first instance of selecting files

Some Old Guy shared this problem 9 years ago

Mid 2011 27" iMac, i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 2TB internal, on gigabit Ethernet, OS X 10.8.5

On first use the program abended instantly when I selected about 100 movies located on my internal drive that I intended to move.

Before selecting files to move I had successfully selected a network drive, a Seagate Backup Plus connected via USB to an Airport Extreme. I have a wired, nominal gigabit Ethernet connection to the Airport Extreme.

My current level of frustration is high.

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Thanks so much for getting in touch.

So sorry I couldn't respond sooner, been sick in bed today, but feeling a bit better now.

I'm really sorry that TuneSpan crashed on you, that should never happen.

Did TuneSpan crash while you were dragging the movies, or as you dropped them on the spanning queue? Or did is crash during the span?

From the sounds of it, you weren't able to even start the span. Which is actually a good thing, it means that your files are not in an inconsistent state because the spanning process wasn't ended prematurely.

The thing that will be most helpful for me to figure out this issue and resolve it will be the crash report generated by OS X.

I made an easy way to access the crash reports through TuneSpan...

If you open TuneSpan, and click the black gradient filter path area in the middle of the toolbar, a popover window will open up. In the popover right-click the "Browsing Library" label and you'll see a menu come up.

In this menu, select "TuneSpan Crash Reports". TuneSpan will ask for file access so that it can read the contents of the crash reports folder to select the appropriate TuneSpan reports for you.

Once you've found the TuneSpan crash reports, you can send them to me at "pico {at} randomapplications.com" or by using any of the Contact Developer links in TuneSpan.

Again, I'm really sorry about this issue. I will try my best to get it worked out promptly so that you can start using TuneSpan!

I'm sure I'll need to make changes in the TuneSpan source to resolve this issue fully. But, chances are this issue was caused by some funky metadata in one of the videos you were selecting. If I can figure out which video was at fault, it may be resolved immediately by just making a minor metadata edit to one of your videos.

Otherwise, if that can't be done and the fix needs to happen in the TuneSpan source, I can make the appropriate changes ASAP and send you testing copy to use until the next minor TuneSpan update is officially released.


I may have begun to drag selected files when it crashed, but it certainly had not started spanning.

Good News: I ran it again and without doing anything differently it worked, I have accomplished my goal and revised my review.


So glad to hear that it turns out this was just a fluke and that you were able to get it working.

I got your email with the crash report as well, and I'm looking over it now...

It looks like it may have truly been a low level fluke with the the automatic memory management (ARC) that TuneSpan uses.

But, I will definitely keep this in mind while I'm working on the next minor TuneSpan update so see if I can solve this once and for all.

Also, I appreciate you revising your review on the Mac App Store, but that's really the least of my concerns. Most of all, I don't want peoples first experience with TuneSpan to be a crash! So sorry that's what ended up happening in your case.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you happen to run into any other issue, or have any questions as you start using TuneSpan.

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