"Supress 'Tracks Unavailable' alert" does not supress alert

jbettlinger shared this problem 13 years ago

The Problem concerns the "Alert window supression" - "Supress 'Tracks Unavailable' alert":

Even though checking the "Do not show this message again" when informed this message pops up every time I open iTunes.

Thank you!

This app is what I have been waiting for! Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful and need program!

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You are very right, I like to leave the alert on, must've missed the bug after a minor change.

This fix and a more nice changes (crash recovery) coming in the next few days.

Nice catch, and thank you!


It looks like the bug came in when I added file watching. I wanted the unavailable files alert to show up right when a file goes missing (moved, renamed, deleted), and when itunes launches, but not when the user unmounts a drive, because I figured that would be annoying. But you will always see the menubar icon change colors.

The best solution would be letting the user choose whether or not to show the alert in each situation rather than the all or none checkbox.

This is what I am thinking for the next release: new unavailable track window


This new setup is implemented and seems to be working... I need to finish up a bit of new Help info for other stuff in 0.9.2 before I can release it, but it will be out soon.


TuneSpan 0.9.2 has been released which fixes this issue.


Coming back to mark this problem as solved, as well as to say that the latest version of TuneSpan (0.9.6 beta) completely removes TuneSpan Helper, so this issue is no longer even relevant.


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