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I am a total novice when it comes to iTunes and need some help. I bought an MP3 player to use while swimming. iTunes will not let me convert most of my music to .mp3 format so I purchased your app to move it to the MP3 player. However, after spanning it and moving it to the MP3 player, it appears to be in .mp4 format and won't play on my MP3 player. How do I convert it to .mp3 format? Can I?

I am quite surprised I managed to get as far as I did so I am hoping I can reach the final step to get the music to play :-). It has taken me MANY hours to get this far ...

Thanks in advance.

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This script from should be able to help you easily convert your tracks:

But about using TuneSpan for this... it's not actually ideal. Along with moving files TuneSpan updates the iTunes library to reference the tracks from the location that you move your files to. So when you use TuneSpan to move your files to your MP3 play, you would then need your MP3 player plugged into your computer to play your tracks within iTunes (since iTunes will be looking for the files at the MP3 player location as if it's an external hard drive).

You actually don't need TuneSpan for this task at all. Once you have your tracks converted to MP3 with the script above, you can actually just drag the tracks from within the iTunes window into the folder of your MP3 player to *copy* the files to that location without updating anything in iTunes (like TuneSpan does). Basically, TuneSpan is doing *more* than you want it to for this job.

If you would like to get a refund for TuneSpan, here are instructions for how to do that through Apple:

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