Where do note's go when they disappear?

Guy Manchester shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer

So - I moved my notes to dropbox and now whenever i open NoteAway there are no notes there.

So I have to import them.

When I import them I have two copies of each.

I had three notes in there when I last shut down NoteAway so after importing them I had 6.

I deleted three, added some more words to one of the them and went back to safari to check something.

Next time I open NoteAway there are only two notes.

The most important one - which I just added to - has disappeared.

It's not in my dropbox.

It's not in Trash.

So where the hec is it?

I didn't delete the remaining copy after editing it so it must be somewhere!

Please help - it's vital I find this!


(Jesus - it's happening here too! I just put a question it here and it's disappeared when I clicked on another tab to sign in! Luckily I learnt from my previous experience and saved all the above before clicking over to another page!)

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