Syncing of iPhone 5 is out of whack

Joe Wasser shared this problem 9 years ago

Two days ago I installed TuneSpan and moved all my movies and all but 1 TV show. That TV show consisted of about 30 episodes.

Yesterday I tried to sync my iPhone and I got the message that I was synced to a different iTunes library and asked if I wanted to erase my device and start over with this library. I only have 1 library so no. I did a restart but no luck after several attempts.

Today it actually synced first try. However those 30 TV shows I didn't sync are still on my phone, which I want, but iTunes is telling I am not syncing any TV shows. My phone and my iTunes library although syncing now appear to be out of sync.

I also have an iPad that sticks on step 5 of 5 of syncing and missing artwork but let's fix one problem at a time. BTW I also sent an email from your site 2 days ago and have yet to see a response.

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