SizeWell 0.8.1 not working properly for all programs

x.solarwind.x shared this problem 11 years ago


I had SizeWell 0.7.x prior to updating to the latest version (0.8.1), and it was working perfectly. After updating to the latest version, I noticed that the green zoom button now presented me with a menu. So I searched around the preferences and changed it to "maximize" instead of showing a menu. This worked as it should for some programs I tried (Safari, Mail, Finder), but for others (Preview, TextEdit), it did not work as it should. I was still presented with the menu. The shift + zoom still worked as it should though and maximized properly.

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For some reason SIMBL does not load into Preview or TextEdit on Lion, I need to look into this further, but for the time being I have avoided the problem since it is not cause by SizeWell and from my testing, nothing I do in SizeWell can make it load. The issue need to be fixed in SIMBL.

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