Location (folder) no longer in iTunes Media still shows in TuneSpan

TuneSpan User shared this question 23 months ago
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Media location drive shows correctly in TuneSpan and displays location for MUSIC, but it then shows a sub-level folder called MUSIC together with several folders for Artists with a grey ?.

The content for the ? folders and artists is in the correct place within iTunes. How to get rid of the grey? folders in TuneSpan?

I think it occurred because the iTunes drive was not connected when iTunes app was opened, content was added to iTunes which was in the wrong place & then it was manually corrected.

Many thanks

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry for my delayed response.

If you right click one of these missing tracks in the TuneSpan track list and select "Show in iTunes" in the submenu, does a track get highlighted in iTunes? Or, are these basically ghosts that no longer exist in iTunes?

Also, do you have any other missing files shown in TuneSpan? You can check this using the "Locate Missing Files" feature in the Tools menu in TuneSpan's menubar.

With this information I should be able to help you clean this up.



No problem, thanks for response.

I gave up on my previous problem and deleted Tunespan with a view to starting again… So I manually migrated files to new location including .itl & .xml, nothing exists in old library location. iTunes works fine and recognises all content as in new location. But, Tunespan now shows a small amount of files as having been Spanned? & a small amount of files as having been Restored? No idea why or how to resolve.



Sorry I never got back to you about this. Where are things at now? Are you wanting to just change what is marked as spanned and what is marked as restored or do you want to completely reset your TuneSpan database?