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sam w shared this question 2 years ago
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I've used Tunespan 1.4.1 to migrate large itunes assets to an old PowerPC mini acting as server. Over time, I can see in the Tunespan browser window several references to my attached USB drive with appellations to its filename




I'm able to Span to the original name, but whenever I sync my iPhone to iTunes on this Sierra machine, I get an OSX dialog that it cannot find the old path "rockyserver.local". OK, that's because I upgraded to OpenWRT (which I really love) and the old mdns used by OSX is not really needed.

Here's my question: Clicking on these remote server volumes in the Tunespan browser won't let me change its URL location. How do I do that to be rid of these requests for this location.

Tunespan is the only app that is aware of the remote server, sam

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