After Installation of TuneSpan Problems deleting aac-files within iTunes after converting them to mp3.

Udo Schewietzek shared this question 8 years ago

Hallo together.

After installing TuneSpan, the program asked me for additional rights on the folders.

I acknowledged that, all runs so far very fine.

My Music will span on an usb-drive at my router (Fritzbox from AVM), the drive ist mounted as a smb-drive.

I have two Questions:

a) no urgent, but nice to have: Starting Tune-Span automatically mounts the drive. Is that possible?

b) thats a problem:

All my music is Apple-Audo, not mp3, the built in Musicserver in the fritzbox uses only mp3. No Problem so far, because i convert the aac-files into mp3 with iTunes.

But after converting, the deletion of the aac-files within iTunes works not properly. So far not all of the aac-files will be deleted (i choose the option "move to trash).

I have to delete the files with the finder (I get then the question for my password, what it did never before), an then i delete the aac-entries in iTunes. Do you have any idea??

Its not urgent, enjoy your christmas time and new years eve!!

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Thanks for getting in touch. This is something I'll need to look into.

Did you try launching TuneSpan after you converted the files? If the original aac tracks were removed from iTunes, then TuneSpan should prompt you offering to delete the tracks. But, I'm not sure exactly how that all works when converting, I'll need to do some testing myself.


About your first questions, could be possible for TuneSpan to auto mount a network drive, but I would probably make it an optional setting. But not giving a guarantee that it will be added as I previously had issues with that.

A couple versions back, TuneSpan would attempt to auto mount network drives, but it was not perfect as it could freeze up TuneSpan if the network drive wasn't available. And if a password was needed, there were situations where it could continually ask for the password.

But, I'm sure it would be possible to set it up in a better way. I'm just not really sure it's necessary as I believe iTunes should try to auto mount your drives. If you just launch iTunes before using TuneSpan, you'd be all set.


Hello Pico,

all still works fine.

1) yes, Itunes does automount the drive. So far, this is ok for me, because then Tunespan will have the drive.

2) First of all, i try to describe the Hardware-Konfiguration:

The Equipment:

Mac-Book white with iTunes and OSX 10.7.5 (the latest, that will work with)

Fritz-Box Router from AVM with a seagate 300GB Harddrive at the USB-Port of the Router.

Medion DNLA-WIFI-Receiver attached to my Tube-Amplifier via normal Cinch-Cable

Android Galaxy I-9001 Smartphone with the App BubbleUPnP

Denon-S32 DNLA-Wifi-Player (plays only mp3 :-((

So i have to convert alle aac-files first to mp3 and then storee them to the hard disk which is attached to the Router.

Then all works fine.

I can then choose with the smartphone the source of the music and the destination where to play.

I can play at the Denon, i can play at the Medion and i can play at my smartphone

(I still have an old Wifi IPod-Touch attached to an Onky-Dockstation, and i can choose music from the Harddisk at the Router there too. Thats pretty fine, but not the reason for getting Tunespan...)

I have now changed the Rights at the iTunes-Folder on my Mac.

Before there are the Rights (after the first installing of Tunespan):


admin (read and write)

ups (read and write)

everyone (read).

ups is my name - admin account (NOT root rights)

I changed:

I deleted this strange "Loading"

and changed everyone to (read and write)

and made all of this effective for all folders and files under my Music-Folder (Standardfolder on my Mac).

Now it works fine, no longer the question when deleting files under the finder or within ITunes in these folders.

My Procedure is the following:

I start Itunes and select some albums with aac-files and convert them with iTunes to mp3-files.

Then i delete within iTunes the converted aac-files.

Then i start Tunespan and span the albums (with the mp3-files) to the Networkdrive (mounted as smb-Volume)

Tunespan is configured with "trash copied..." and "Organize...".

Now all works fine, no more Problem so far.


Thanks for following up, I'm glad to hear you got it figured out.

That "Loading" permission group sounds odd, I've never come across that. I don't believe there is any way that TuneSpan could have caused this issue as it doesn't manipulate any folder permissions in any way. Regardless, I'm glad it's all sorted out now.


Hallo Pico,

all ok and fine.

I figured out that instead of spanning via WLAN to the NAS-Volume connected via USB to the Wlan-Router, it is really faster to span at the volume directly mount via USB to may mac.

There are some things to watch:

The Problem of having hidden Mac-Files at that Volume when it is connected via USB to my Mac.

This can result in Problems when attached back to the Router because of these hidden Files.

There are Players which see these Files und try to play them, which does naturally not work.

I handle that before starting the Mediaserver at the FritzBox with a little Tool named BlueHarvest on my Mac. It's quite nice and cleans the samba-volume back attached to the FritzBox-Router.

A second Tool named Tinkertool i use and configure it once with the option: No hidden Mac-Files on connected Volumes via Samba.

After having spanned the new Songs in the directory of the external local USB-Drive i connect it back to the router, clean with BlueHarvest and then let iTunes find the new location of the files, which works really fine. Simple try to play one Track, iTunes then asks you to search that.

I then point to the new Position (because directly mounted Disks allways haver other paths than mounted by samba) and iTunes asks me if it shall locate all the other ones and correct the path. Itunes does that quite good.

What i do not know, how TuneSpan would handle that.

Does Tunespan has a possibility to do that too, when the external disk is disconnected from the Laptop and connected back to the Router (Media-Server)?

The Music-Files do not change their position in the filesystem, only the path is changing.

(Example: my Disk, which i use at the Router is mounted as ST330083-1A-01 when mounted at the Router and as "Big Data" when mounted at my Macbook.

The directories beneath are always the same.)

So, enjoy the new year and lets have some drinks and welcome 2014.

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